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A new concept in a medical spa, New Leaf Restorative Medicine offers aesthetics and wellness in one space, allowing you to improve your body from within, as well as from the outside.  Our providers work closely with you and with each other to allow you to achieve your beauty and wellness goals at your pace and at your budget.

The products and services we offer are curated on an individual basis to help you become the best version of yourself possible.  We offer minimally invasive aesthetic treatments that are proven to improve appearance, and we now offer wellness programs to address weight, fitness, and nutrition goals with licensed and experienced providers, dedicated to making you the best version possible!

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AJ Grein, MD

Medical Director

team member- New Leaf Restorative Medicine

Chase McWhorter

Practice Development - Fitness and Nutrition Coordinator

Michele Costa

Practice Manger

Lindsey Kincaid, RN

Lead Injector - Academy Trainer


Dallas Moffat

Patient Experience Coordinator


Michael Naclerio

Medical Assistant


Kaitlyn Teel



Kelly Porter


team member- New Leaf Restorative Medicine 19

Kelly Wine, RN

Wellness Coordinator


Emily Chambers

Aeshetician and Reception

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We offer minimally invasive procedures that enhance your beauty and reinvigorate your body.

At New Leaf, we offer services that help our clients to realize their best lives; to be happy and satisfied with the highest potential of their physical function and aesthetic well-being.


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