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Services Offered at New Leaf Restorative Medicine

Services Offered at New Leaf Restorative Medicine, Medspa in Asheville

Welcome to New Leaf Restorative Medicine, where we are dedicated to enhancing your beauty and well-being through a range of specialized services. Our team of expert providers in Asheville combines innovation with a personalized touch to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Explore the transformative services available at our Medspa in Asheville location.

Different services offered at New Leaf Restorative Medicine, a Medspa in Asheville:

  1. 8 Point Lift:

Experience a comprehensive facial aesthetics treatment known as the 8 Point Lift, which revitalizes and enhances your facial characteristics. This treatment attains a youthful and authentic appearance by focusing on certain areas with dermal fillers.

  1. Botox:

Rediscover smoother, wrinkle-free skin with our Botox injections. Our skilled providers use precise techniques to soften lines and wrinkles, providing a refreshed and relaxed look.

  1. Facial Fillers:

Our tailored method guarantees high-quality, natural results, regardless of whether you’re looking to improve contours or restore volume.

  1. Daxxify:

Transform your skin with Daxxify, our signature treatment designed to revitalize and renew. Uncover a radiant complexion as this innovative therapy targets skin imperfections.

  1. Sculptra:

Achieve a more youthful and voluptuous look with Sculptra. The non-invasive method that gradually restores facial volume and gives a subtle, natural lift is the outcome of this collagen-boosting procedure.

  1. Thread Lift:

Lift and tighten sagging skin with our Thread Lift procedure. This minimally invasive treatment provides a non-surgical facelift, enhancing your facial contours for a more youthful profile.

  1. Hydrafacial:

The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated during our Hydrafacial, an invigorating treatment that imparts revitalizing qualities. Explore the profound impact of a flawless complexion and effectively target particular skin issues with this multipurpose facial treatment.

  1. RF Microneedling:

Virtue RF Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that combines microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. Microneedling involves creating tiny punctures in the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve texture, while RF energy heats the deeper layers of the skin to further enhance collagen production and tighten the skin. This combination can improve various skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and overall skin texture.

At New Leaf Restorative Medicine in Asheville, we believe in the power of tailored aesthetics. Each service is designed to enhance your natural beauty and promote a sense of well-being. Our skilled providers combine expertise with a commitment to personalized care, ensuring that you leave our spa feeling confident and refreshed. Schedule a consultation today and embark on a journey to a more beautiful and revitalized you.

Discover Your Radiance at New Leaf Medspa in Asheville!

Are you ready to unveil a more radiant, revitalized version of yourself? At New Leaf Restorative Medicine, Asheville’s premier medspa, we invite you to experience the transformative power of our specialized services.

Happy Patients


Lindsey is the best. Super welcoming, makes you feel safe and comfortable. She talks you through everything. Doesn’t pressure you into services you don’t want. She makes sure you leave feeling natural and confident. 10/10 recommend her to anyone dipping their toes into aesthetic medicine.


My experience at New Leaf Restorative was beyond amazing! Lindsey and her crew is fabulous. I felt at home the minute I walked in until the moment I walked out! Lindsey took great care of me; answering my questions, explaining the procedure, and completing the procedure with no discomfort. Top of the line business for sure!


Super impressed with the entire staff at New Leaf! They are all very welcoming and friendly. Lindsey is unbelievable. Her work is art and very natural looking. I tell all my friends to book with her and would recommend any of her services. The overall energy of the office is also very soothing and inviting. 10/10!


New Leaf is where it’s at!! Everything from the customer service to cleanliness is absolutely spot on!! Lindsey and Chase made me feel right at home and part of their family. No question went unanswered and the level of professionalism is unmatched in comparison to any previous places I have been. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my skincare and beautification needs!


Lindsey really made me feel so comfortable! She really listened to me and used her knowledge to give me the results I was looking for. I highly recommend going to see her!!

At New Leaf, we offer services that help our clients to realize their best lives; to be happy and satisfied with the highest potential of their physical function and aesthetic well-being.

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